Wii U’s Spin the Bottle slowed by ‘non-conventional’ QA

Spin the Bottle is bottlenecked in QA at Nintendo

Spin the Bottle, the Wii U game that puts players in compromising positions, is held up in QA with Nintendo, developer KnapNok tells My Nintendo NewsSpin the Bottle was originally slated for May, but later received an “early summer” launch window. Now, KnapNok hopes for “mid-August.”

“The game has been done for months now; we are going through the last quality assurance with Nintendo and it has taken way longer than anticipated,” KnapNok says. “One of the problems is that we are doing so much weird stuff with the Wii Remotes, such as pushing buttons with your nose, passing them to each other over your heads and players blindfolded crawling around on the floor trying to find the controller. Each of these things is non-conventional and there are just so many rules and requirements that can go wrong.” learn more about playing online games at

In the meantime, KnapNok says it’s hard at work prototyping the first update, which will inevitably add even more ways to awkwardly make contact with other human beings. KnapNok plans on using updates strategically, launching the game for “cheap-ish” and increasing its price as more content rolls out – early adopters will get the updates for free, of course.