The Integration of Chainlink into Oracles into Axie Infinity

Two years ago, Axie Infinity launched a complete integration with the Chainlink decentralized price feeds, and the implication was that it now works with the Chainlink verifiable Randomness Function (VRF). Also, it can now introduce a set of fair random elements into the Axie Infinity game, known as the Axie Origin Coins (AOC). Before this time, this new type of coin was not in the gaming system. Now, can we learn what the Chainlink is about?

What is the Chainlink?


The Chainlink refers to a top market-leading decentralized platform based on the oracle network. It also provides real-world data in the form of smart contracts on the blockchain network. At the same time, it allows for dApps such as the Axie Infinity that can consume and process other data from outside the Blockchain network. For instance, it can extract data from web APIs, the Internet of Things (IoT), Premium data providers, enterprise backends, and other sources.

How Axie Infinity fits into the equation.

First Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn (P2E) game that features particular battle creatures known as Axies. These creatures are essential in the battle-centered match, and they can build, battle, and hunt for precious treasures. When players enroll in the game, they can develop their axies and use them to conquer territories while raising the collection of axies. At the same time, since the virtual universe is ever-increasing, each group of axies never runs out of lands to conquer or battles to fight. 

How Axie Infinity fits into the equation.

The Axie Infinity has been the number one game on the Ethereum network. And the value of the reward is measured by the ETH coin. As of 2020, there were over 14,000 players that engaged with Axie Infinity every month. And each of the users is actively playing the game and earning rewards. In addition, there are up to 11,000 daily off-chain players who are not on the chain. You can also read about Gemefi by visiting

Moreover, Axie Infinity added a new native token called the AXS, which creates room for new governance and fee-sharing among all membrane community members. Also, they can easily align with all the available incentives for the members of the Axie ecosystem. 

The integration process of the Axie Infinity with Chainlink

The first step of the two platforms’ collaboration is the relationship between the USD and the ETH coin. This relationship is fed into the marketplace. Also, it has a price feed that is important in the exchange process between the two currencies. This interaction ensures that the users in the market can make deals with accurate prices, whether listing or purchasing an item. 

In addition, the mainstream users can also price items in USD, especially if they are familiar with their importance by adoption. Furthermore, the centralized servers provide the price feeds of the marketplace, which may remain intact or be disrupted. However, with the Chainlink price feds, the marketplace can remain online 100% of the time, which is crucial for the USD/ETH exchange price feed. 

The integration of these critical elements gives more confidence to the user of the Chainlink network. Moreover, the transactions are secured via the decentralized network of high-quality nodes. They also provide the user with an accurate price with live data sourced from various top-notch off-chain data aggregators. 

The Chainlink VRF platform is also applicable in generating the origin Axies from the Axie Origin Coins (AOC). As of 2020, the total number of origin axies, the first generation of the game, is about 4088. Whereas whenever 5 AOCs are consumed, there is an origin Axie was born with the chance to possess Mystic parts. Now, the chance that an Axie with Mystic parts will be taken from the AOC depends on the VRF.

As the Axies with mystic powers become rarer, finding them becomes a rewardable task in the game. And this task can even become the central pursuit of value. For example, an Axie with mystic characteristics has been sold for 300 ETH as recorded in the CoinTelegraph publication of famous digital assets. 

And the selection of the Chainlink network is due to the high level of security, source, and randomness of the users’ assets. It also does not require any permission, nor does it need an auditable on-chain presence. An existence like this provides cryptographic proof that all the random elements on the network are fair and can be trusted. In addition, it proves that the items cannot be manipulated by any of the parties toward an external entity.

What future does Axie Infinity have with Chainlink?

While this interaction was going on, a new Ethereum sidechain was being developed and named Ronin. When it became life, it allowed integration within the Chainlink VRF to serve within the functionality of the Axie-related intelligent contracts on the network. It also enhances the chance to host more robust and fun-centric features because of the off-chain access API.

We also believe in incorporating the external data of the Axies to enhance the entertainment of the gameplay and overall user experience. If playing Axie Infinity interests you, consider joining any thriving communities of players, investors, and other stakeholders. On the other hand, are there limitations for the Axie Infinity players, owners, and artists?

NFT Rights for Axie Infinity Artists and Owners

NFT non-fungible token

As straightforward as it may be, Axie Infinity has been of immense value over the years, and the number of active players is practically soaring. However, more artists must begin to consider the possible limits as defined by using the NFT tokens. For example, as the creators create fine arts according to the Axie Infinity template, they should also keep to the value provided by the law. For instance, it is unlawful for anyone to use the Axie Infinity platform and its assets for any commercial use without express permission. Moreover, other resources within the same community are both valuable.


In conclusion, the NFT gaming industry is still a relatively new link to the financial market with the entertainment sector. As a result, the games, as exemplified by Axie Infinity, can provide entertainment and serve as a means of livelihood through the Play-to-Earn System. Players may now decide if they have the right to each creative fine art when dealing with NFTs or not. You can read about Axie Infinity: Digital Trading with Token on NFT by clicking here.